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L.B.T (Live Beat Tapes) are a collective formed of hip hop producers, jazz musicians, rappers and singers.
This album is a compilation of singles, an overview of a year’s work and of 10 digitally released episodes.
This 12-members collective of Florentine-based artists / hippies is a dynamic, ever-evolving musical experiment,
in search of the perfect vibe.

Severe Shit hits the fan, shit flies everywhere.
Who’s driving the truck?



released February 10, 2015

L.B.T is...
Amir Bresler, drums ~ Beno Hendler, bass ~ Nomok, keys ~ Rejoicer, keys ~ Asaf Shay, sound ~ KerenDun, vocals ~ Yudko, sampler & saxophone ~ Echo, vocals ~ Tamuz Dekel, guitar ~ Rebel Sun, vocals DJ Mesh, turntable ~ Mo Rayon, vocals

Music by L.B.T
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Beno Hendler, Nomok, Asaf Shay & Rejoicer
Recorded and Mixed at Kicha Studios, Tel Aviv
Mastered by Asaf Shay at Raw Tapes Studio, Savidor & The Slick Studios, Tel Aviv
Cover Art and Graphic Design by Ellen G
Executive Produced by Osbourne "Ease" Green

We give thanks to all the other fellow artists who contributed to this project: Sol Monk, Yonatan Albalak, Omri Abramov, Raphael Rafa Barkats, Shuzin, Uri "Momo" Barak, Marko Gurkan, Shiran Fadida, Jarvis, Hod Moshonov, DJ Werd, Oren Ben David, Eyal Talmudi, Nitai Hershkovits, Mo Kolours, Jonathan Jacobi, Itai Kriss, Ram Matza, Boaz Aquino, Dioz

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all rights reserved



LBT Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

L.B.T (Live Beat Tapes) are a collective formed of hip hop producers, jazz musicians, rappers and singers.
This 12-members ensemble of Florentine-based artists / hippies is a dynamic, ever-evolving musical experiment,
in search of the perfect vibe.
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Track Name: Time Doesn't Look Back
I'm gathering the pieces of my mind
collecting all the stones I left behind
I'm clearing out the space within my head,
trying to see the road ahead
Memories of war, of peace, of hot days and days of breeze
Was it all a dream or was it part of just a bigger scheme?

Time doesn't look back
Why do I?

It doesn't mean I'm strong,
it doesn't mean I'm weak
it means I'm on my way
I'm moving on slowly towards the present,
I'm shedding all unnecessary pain
All the ghosts of my past they come around to say goodbye
life can only go forward
so why can't I?

Time doesn't look back…
Track Name: MAGIK
With open hands we can sprinkle our magic at you
Look at her smile, yeh you know you feel ready too


We feel the love so you know that we're ready for
You laughing endlessly while you walking out the door
you're looking for?

Track Name: Cold Shivers
Rebel Sun:

her flower like the Nile river
touch give chills
with cold shivers
love got a bitter taste
still I find my arms draped
across her waist
heart beat in full haste
face covered her ho cake
the breakfast
is Listerine and Colgate
for a skate back to clean slate
since the day started of late
cause if it ain't
daily bread at an hourly rate
it's beaming the scale
with Troy ouncing the weight
down in Ajami
thick with the snakes


If you got the time
I will love you sweet,
If you got the heart
I will sing the beat,
If you got the smile
hello! I am glad to meet
Track Name: Strolling Through The South
strolling through the south
with a hoochie in my mouth
tryna get a hold of you
that’s why it seems to me I’ll never cease to be
a massive misdemeanour case for you
but I guess it makes sense
that I’m holding the best
and it ain’t no test cause
I’m demoting the rest
when it comes to the second
and I spit it like crest
Track Name: Where the Infinite Lies
I'm reaching for the sky
Feels like i've been stuck inside a moment out of time
I'm dancing where the infinite lies

Heart beats open wide
Held within the arms of some embracive glimpse of light
Feels like I've been stuck inside a moment out of time
Dancing where the infinite lies
Track Name: Mad Blunted / Tar Drips
Rebel Sun:

all combina
but no state
in political straits
Catherine the great
and that 17 hundred
ye I fronted
but the star steamed
and mad blunted
jakes hunted
when the ki
was 17.5 run it
the ready rock made
coke heads redundant
Afgan wars made
the heroin abundant
fiends hold the budget
like china buying dollars
supporting the US market
see I'm in parliaments
with George Clinton
and black water henchmen
ladies posh
capture ready
making cheddy like
Kirsty Bertarelli
she got a steady politic
and old money stature
that bitchy attitude like
Margaret Thatcher
call me her Bruce Banner
only answer
my fingers smelling
like her Tropic of Cancer


So tar drips tender rippling
soft mist thickening
I’m sippin’ gin and reeking of sin,
boasted up to a hundred somethin’ points of ill binge,
but come on now misses it seems that your archetype is leaking
I’m thinkin’ it’s pitchin’ in or i’m in a land of whatever lords
i’m out to get my pajamas
even though my arms are home
Track Name: Papa Crime
good morning, I can’t wait to get high today…

breath stomps the day in yawning
I left in a hurry and puzzled
too late to be bothered
cleaning the kills
when your days starts with feels it’s too real
now I’m down at the door of dimensions and tensions are rising
it stings in the eyes when he’s rolling the dice
or chewing on ice, a real nice surprise
to make where the ends meet
I’m deadbeat and smell like the bus seat
already on raw feet
I left with my potions to toke in the oceans
peace out
Track Name: Keep Humble
Everything lays on a tip of a feather
From the deep sea come the winds and the weather
From the stars floating in the sky comes the light

Like the child in the womb waiting for its' time
As the moon puts in tune all that is alive
A wolf in the woods has just enough to get around

Keep humble, keep the doubt
You think you got it all figured out
Rock steady, feel the earth
You’re always on the search
Track Name: Consciousness

We're screaming for a consciousness to keep us alive
We're looking for the difference to make our criticise
and there's nothing you can make me say
to think you're better off in that way
and there's nothing that can make me jive
I'm only happy that I'm alive


population in a
popularity contest
vestige of my vesture
f a war vet
texture of the text
gritty like textile
concrete with calm speech
sweet talk mommy
to skeets on exposed
ass cheeks
mister cool geek
with long reach on loose leaf pack the peace pipe
tell bitch act right
hands high
airtight alibi
ask me no questions
I tell you no lies
Track Name: Metaphysic Ways
I guess you must solicit me the metaphysic ways…

crumple slit skin slow walk with a cane
educate the name to relate with the fame
still knockin’ on chains like the guest list I’m on it
need to smack to hostess with the raps to belong here

now I’m in and I’m feeling weird
got the late night munch like a greybeard
still dope through the fear yes I heard it’s exquisite
so I put it on a skillet and I heat it then I eat it

I guess you must solicit me the metaphysic ways…

crumple slit skin slow walk with a cane…
Track Name: Ain't Fuckin' Wid'em
trap me with a dame
as long as its good brain
I ain't fucking with them
naw, not fucking with them…

you take to the hood
you can drop me in the square
well prepared anywhere since I suffer not a care
I ain't fucking with them
naw, not fucking with them…

I was told as a child
Be calm and always wild
On the inside carry your smile
And watch ya brow
I ain't fucking with them
naw, not fucking with them…

them the people that bring drama and the people that make noise
trying to invade your space always in pause
I ain't fucking with them
naw, not fucking with them…

I just sitting the house
like burning on my couch
smoking up another ounce then we out to bounce
I ain't fucking with them
naw, not fucking with them…

I was told since a child to keep your smile on the inside…
Track Name: 2 Shots
Coming towards me
you are
Running away from me
we're losing this one

2 shots will make it bettter
Run free, we run forever
Track Name: You Got Me
You got me right from the start I just knew I loved you
Something inside me erupts with the sight of you
Oh, how I wish I could tell you my love is true
and that in time I will be with you, oh I would, I would
Track Name: Blessed & Damned
I don't play
but game play tight
in misery is the mystery
of life
sights on prize
blinded limelight
my spliff needs a light
crime waves and dark nights
devil’s delight
the hour for goons to bust pipes
deep love
with warm hugs
so it’s alright
Do ease
And release your last gripe
On tightropes
With high hopes and
turns slight
the fall is what the people like
hater of the same type
full force with all might
quite pissed but still
but not immune from the blight

Cause I stand in a path before
God and man
whether blessed or damn
heaven or hell
could you over stand
Track Name: Big Days Ahead
big days ahead loose ties to end
who sparked your friend when you came to transcend
it’s Mo
thick with the flow and nice with the dough
when he get some go fetch some
Jamaican rum
whatever may come
stay away from
the double tongue drip farm
you can catch it too strong
and leave all phased left like ooohhh lord
I think you got here too early
we have to wait outside forever it may seem
like a hoochie hay fever dream with your favorite eighties cop song theme
better keep your focus sharp like ice darts on my being
as I disintegrate the mic and all who’s left seeing
Track Name: Two Shots in the Street
two shots in the street
girl I wonder who’s hit
just banging on the window seal
looking for a place to chill
brave but I’m feeling old
took the gold now I’m cold
raps but I’m eating mold
get busy when my blood spoils
Track Name: Everyday / First Rain (Instrumental Beat)
It's like every day,
clouds change their way
and I'll follow wherever it takes me,
loving the way it rains on
You have to know,
when you shine alone,
that you'll follow wherever it takes you
I'm loving the way it rains on us

It's like every day
you can almost say
that you're loving the way you light up,
knocking on wood like heart beats
and your cutting through
it's not over you
will follow wherever it takes you
loving the way it rains on us

It's like everyday...
Track Name: Unexpected
Somewhere along the way
I meet you
No rush, no haste
I walk my path with trusting faith

And if it comes about to be
that you will stay with me
I'll bless the time
I won't be greedy or at least I'll try
Cause anyway all we have is now
you unexpected beautiful surprise...
Track Name: Details

they got it wrong
dirty like hash bongs
A strong weight by tons
spot like Tommy guns
when heat drawn
puppeteer pull strings like tampons
Ho Chi men
Theme songs for the Vietcong
Lebanon don
flow trauma
with blunt objects
for suspects with Ganja
sluts and primadonnas
what should be the margin line
design author
cock and release
chamber sparker
awkward disposition
vision for partners
apart for words
that’s charter
why bother the petty
steady riot starter
clouds over McGunther park
rains darts for ya mates it's chapter 8
dark drapes and incense
thigh thick so I'm ready for business
wholesale horror
retail resistance
what's the limit
fucked up ‘till demented
and foul temperament
since less ain’t more
no forgiveness


there ain’t but one detail
there ain’t but one detail
there ain’t but one detail

beat making law breaking eye shaking like bacon dough raking no faking times changin’ Mo’s banging hoes lagging pros with delay on the thought and the pause x is the number of times I chose not to inclose
and not to disclose all the details
there ain’t but one detail
there ain’t but one detail
Track Name: Been Wit' The Bimbos / Love You But I Hate You

so let me just
step in real quick
I got something to say

been with the bimbos thin flows like ice rink those I miss the big blows on a afternoon
the big goon with the deep chune crackalacking like the bad apple
yup the ladies go swoon when Mo eats a nice prune with a dirty ass spoon
cause I’m a loon when it comes to the moon and I’m doomed when it comes to the boom spot kickin’ in


So I love you, but I hate you
Ye thanks again for fucking with my mind
Could never caught you
cold out let you bleed
cause you know that
I'm too different for that kind

We make mistakes
I let it grow for sure leaving proportions
I'm not leaving before the day is over not until we're pushing
All are limits, just to make another shit negotiation
It's not recorded for the peace
I vent out my aggression

Love is not for me but I can live without it
See that when I'm falling on my knees is why I hate the way I plea
Please let me out of my intensity
and thanks again for fucking with my mind

Love is not for me
but I can't live
Thanks again for fucking with my mind
Track Name: Time
Funny thing about time
I was never planning on leaving
I'm so happy you're mine
we can be with no heavy feelings
Wake me up in the night
We're together when were dreaming of love...

Now I know you're my sun,
I know you're my earth
You make me shake my thing around you
Track Name: Still Waiting / Wooden Heart
I was waiting for so long,
just for you to come and love me
Never said that it's ok,
sometimes I am feeling like I’m crazy
I was waiting for so long
just for you to come and love me

There's an inner voice behind this face
Eyes staring head high keeping my brace
Far far going far to another space
But my inner voice still counts my pace
Take my wooden heart
and plant it in a peaceful ground

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